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E-Bay кодят индусы :)

e-bayНа днях наткнулся на мелкий, но очевидный баг в пользовательской панели. Меня бы в создаваемых мной сайтах за такое повесили ))

Написал в техподдержку. Сначала похоже вообще не читали мое сообщение, а отделывались стандартными ответами, потом все же вникли. Но не смотря что я подробно потестировал и выяснил причины, с 21 ноября до сегодняшнего дня баг в наличии.

Подробности переписки под катом.

Изначальное сообщение:

It seems to be a bug in listing http://hkar.ru/lS90 There is a (5) in item counter near «All» link, but there are only 4 items visible.

Первый ответ техподдержки (далее – ТП):

To my regret, there is not enough specific information in your letter, to provide you the best support. So I ask you to respond to this message, giving details such as correct payment date; your trading partner’s ID, item ID and transaction number.


My ID is 0lympy. There is a bug in e-bay summary page, partner ID doesn’t matter. Transaction numbers are on the screenshot (link to screenshot is in the first message of this thread).


We’re anxious to get this fixed, but we need your help in getting a screenshot of the page. Because of concerns about computer viruses, our email software blocks attachments and that one in the first letter as well. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t just attach a screenshot to your reply. Instead, please upload the screenshot to a photo-sharing website and then send us the link.

Here’s what to do:

1. Open the page that’s causing a problem, and then press the Control (Ctrl) and Print Screen (Prnt Scrn) keys on your keyboard at the same time.

2. Open Paint. You can find it by opening the Windows «start» menu, selecting «All Programs,» and then selecting «Accessories.»

3. In the Paint window, select «Paste» from the «Edit» menu.

4. When the image appears in the Paint window, select «Save As» from the «File» menu.

5. In the «Save As» box, in the «File name» section, type a name for your screenshot, and then click the «Save» button.

6. Go to a photo-sharing website (we suggest photobucket.com) and upload the file.

7. Once you’re done, reply to this message and let us know the link.

Фейспалм! Дальше мое сообщение не сохранилось в истории, т.к. отвечал по мылу. Краткое содержание такое: «мне кажется вы не читаете, что я пишу – скриншот ссылкой был в самом первом сообщении». Далее молчание. Через неделю пишу повторно:

Bug still exist. Repeating my message. Screenshot link enclosed: ================ It seems to be a bug in listing http://hkar.ru/lS90 There is a (5) in item counter near «All» link, but there are only 4 items visible.

Тут ТП уже более адекватный попался:

I have reviewed your account and I see that this is not a bug. This happens because you have purchased a total of 6 items in the last 60 days, however, you moved one of your purchases to archived purchases.

Please log in to your eBay account and go to your purchase history page. Click on the option «Archived (last 3 years)» at the top of the page to see your archived purchases. Please find purchase with item #181099831573 from seller heli.porter. To move this item back to your recent purchases list, please click on «More actions» on the right hand side of the item and then click on «Move to recent purchases».

О_о даже если так как он пишет, разве это не баг? :) Ну ладно… попробую сделать как сказали. Сделал. Не помогло: число товаров и цифра увеличилась на 1, и она по-прежнему на 1 больше :D


Hello! No, that didn’t resolved a problem. Just moved that item to recent purchases, and now there are 6 items, but «All(7)» on top of the block. Please check it out.


Thank you for contacting eBay Customer Service here today. I am happy to help you with this most unusual situation of a missing item in your Purchase History. I understand that an item is showing that it is supposed to be located in the Purchased History since you can see the (7), but when you look at the items there are only 6 of them. I understand your confusion with this issue and I will do my best to help you today to come up with the best possible solution.

I have had the chance to take a look at your account and the situation, and it turns out that we have a few issues with the Purchase History for a few different participants on eBay. This error, however, is unusual and I am going to have to file a report to our technical team about this issue.

Do you by chance remember or know the item number that is missing from your account?

Since the item is not in your Purchase History, we are unable to find the number this way, but you can still find the information about the transaction in your PayPal account, if you used PayPal for the purchase.


Checked out my mailbox and paypal account – there are no paid items except 6 ones, that are visible! Just experimented with manual archiving of different items and returning them back to recent purchases.
And I think, I know where is the problem. It seems that number near «All» link includes aggregating line with 2 items from one seller (when I archive those items, counter become normal). In other words, this counter mistakely counts 2 items as 3.
So, it’s obviously an interface bug, but not critical – it seems that there is no missing items, only incorrect counter. Please report to your technical stuff.
Thanks. Have a nice day too! :)

С тех пор ответов не было. Прошло 2 недели, а воз и ныне там :) Мораль придумайте самостоятельно!

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